Mobile Blindness- The phenomenon of everything and nothing

With the power of being light and portable, smart-phones and tablets have conquered the kingdom of internet browsing. Today, people prefer surfing the endless terrain of the internet through their phones rather than the desktop or laptop on the go, in the train, on the bus, or while in queue for coffee. But like all... Continue Reading →


4 Old-School Marketing Tactics Making a Comeback in 2018

Smartphones and Internet have become an integral part of our lives with most users spending most of their time on their devices. It’s no wonder then that E-commerce is taking over in-store shopping at a growing rate. Low-cost barriers, exact measurable results and fairly detailed targeting options have made the internet a hotspot for finding... Continue Reading →

The Big 2018 Facebook Algorithm Change

Facebook is still reigning as the big gun among the world’s Social Media Platforms, and any business that relies on Facebook for marketing has a lot at stake with its algorithm changes. Facebook’s algorithm holds the key to reaching the news feed of millions of users. And, any changes in the algorithm can make or... Continue Reading →

Power dressing for the textile industry

The Indian textile industry caters to the global demand for quality textiles. The sector boasts of a huge number of listed companies- stalwarts of the old economy and biggies in the new one. My experience of working with them has led me to realise that since this industry focuses a lot on improving products and productivity, improving... Continue Reading →

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