Facebook Updates Video Ad Metric

Facebook’s much-awaited update on its Video Plays Metric is finally here. The company announced changes in the way it calculates its 3-second and 10-second video ads and will be adding a new Video Plays Metric backed by Moat Verification. Reverse Thought gives you a complete breakdown of the current algorithm and its possible impact... 3... Continue Reading →


Why Premium Content is the most important tool for Financial Services brands to win consumer trust

Consumers have many options when it comes to choosing a suitable financial service, thanks to the sheer competition in this sector. It is shocking that nearly 46 percent of the consumers do not recommend their financial service partner to their peers. This statistic is disastrous for financial services companies, who are constantly looking to expand... Continue Reading →

How to Shop for the Right Social Media Agency

Finding the right  Social Media Agency is not like buying apples. It’s like finding your red carpet outfit   Each brand needs an active social media presence in order to thrive today. Neglecting this aspect can plunge your business back into the ground. Most companies manage their social media channels in-house, but it is indeed... Continue Reading →

The Big 2018 Facebook Algorithm Change

Facebook is still reigning as the big gun among the world’s Social Media Platforms, and any business that relies on Facebook for marketing has a lot at stake with its algorithm changes. Facebook’s algorithm holds the key to reaching the news feed of millions of users. And, any changes in the algorithm can make or... Continue Reading →

Power dressing for the textile industry

The Indian textile industry caters to the global demand for quality textiles. The sector boasts of a huge number of listed companies- stalwarts of the old economy and biggies in the new one. My experience of working with them has led me to realise that since this industry focuses a lot on improving products and productivity, improving... Continue Reading →

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