We have ready PHP based engines that can be readily customized to suit requirements.


E-commerce portal– We have a Core- PHP based engine that provides flexibility with multiple category options and facilitates easy reporting.  To go through a live demo, please visit  Do write in to us for an access to the back end, which will give a feel of the functionality of the engine.



Content Management System Engine

If constant updates to a site are a requirement, our Content Management System is an idea solution. Each updatable section has its own back-end module and with that you can manage the content independently and with the ease of sending an email. The system is user-empowering and absolutely anyone can use and manage it without technical experts.


Customized Blog Module

Our customizable blog module helps you to create and manage a self-hosted blog.  We also offer WordPress blog integration on to your website.




Video Engine

Our engine helps you to create user-driven video portals, where users can upload and view multiple videos differentiated through categories.

This engine has previously powered an experimental video portal and can be used as a module for multi-feature portals.



The Bombay Film Company– Bombay Films is a production house based in Mumbai and extends its expertise in film/ video production for executing creative projects. Between us, we have a collective experience of over 100 films – both advertisements as well as corporate videos with some of the best companies and brands. Get in touch with our team for a comprehensive proposal. 


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