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Reverse Thought has always been a young company with people full
of imagination. We have been growing rapidly, but there is always an undying hunger to get more, be more and do more…

So if you are similarly inflicted with a passion to keep evolving, just jump on the ship. We are one of those agencies who loves getting unsolicited mails, attention and any form of interest from young dynamic individuals. We would surely love to hear from you!

Currently, the following positions are open at Reverse Thought in Mumbai, India

Web Designer
The position involves design and development of websites in Flash / CSS/ HTML 5. We are looking for individuals who can visualize and create innovative concepts and have a keen eye for details. Added skills
in logo and identity design would be an advantage.

Skills required
 Adobe Photoshop
 Adobe Illustrator
 Adobe Indesign
 Flash CS4/CS5
 Knowledge of HTML 5 preferred.

To apply click here

Web Developer
Web development involves development of e-commerce websites, content management systems and promotional websites with functionality as required. Candidate should be able to map the flow and plan
the project on hands-on basis.

Candidate Requirements
 Experience in working with Core PHP & MySql
 Reasonable proficiency in Ajax, Jquery and Javascript
 Experience of minimum one project in creating shopping cart,
payment gateway integration & Content Management System

To apply click here

Marketing Partners
We are keen to get into an alliance with freelance agents / agencies who can market our products and services on a commission basis. We have the experience and skill to meet requirements of clients across different verticals, markets and requirements.

To apply click here

We thrive on fresh ideas and we love to train them.
The following internship opportunities are available with us.

Design Internship
Designers are what define us. They make us who we are. We are constantly looking for fresh talent with new ideas and a passion for design. If you are the one with the ideas, you’re welcome to our team where the necessary guidance and exposure will hone you into the professional that you want to be.

If you have an eye for detail and possess two or more of the following skills, we would be excited to have you on our young bandwagon.

Skills required
 Adobe Photoshop
 Adobe Illustrator
 Adobe Indesign
 Flash CS4/CS5

To apply click here

Development Internship
We work with Core PHP and MySql along with use of Ajax and Javascript based on individual project requirements. We are always open to training candidates who have the opportunity to join us as developers eventually.

The projects primarily include E-commerce websites, functionality driven websites, Content Management Systems, among others that provide exposure to real life challenges while handling any project. The senior developers with years of experience behind them guide their designated trainees and groom them into leaders who can plan and spearhead projects.

To apply click here

Social Media Internship
There are all forms of marketing and then there’s social media. We view social media interns as professionals who have the ability to create meaningful opportunities for them as well as the company. Therefore, just throwing up a fan page is not what we would like them to limit themselves to. There is a growing interest among businesses to reach and expand their audiences, and our interns help them out in a way that is familiar and fun. The important skills we look for are good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to collect and analyse data efficiently.

To apply click here


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