Coolest things to buy on Amazon in 2016

So 2016 is here. We all have a huge list of expectations from the year ahead of us – Some want money, some want love, some want to lose weight, others want to gain weight– the list goes on. But here is our list of wishes of things we want in 2016. I’m sure you’ll want to too!

1. UZZO Romantic Star Projector Lights Lamp



Living in Mumbai, a starry night experience is not something we are used to. Having a private constellation in the living room? Sounds Exotic!

Available on

2. Harry Potter Wand Remote


True Harry Potter Fan? Wanted to cast some REAL spells? Wanna have some cool TV time? Need more reasons to buy this?

Available on

3. Motorised Skates


Now the next time we travel to another country with ridiculously high cab fares, this will be our tongue in cheek solution. I’m taking special classes to ride these and sponsoring it for whoever is buying me these!

Available on

4. Beautiful Cloud Lamp


A little bit of sky in your house… That’s my idea of a dream home!

Available on :
Courtesy :

5. Titanic Ice Cube Tray


Picture this. You’re having a drink with your friends and in your glass you have the perfect recreation of a ‘Titanic’ hitting an Iceberg. Awesome conversation piece- don’t you think?

Available on

6. Camera Coffee Mug & Cookie Holder


For all budding, hobby and professional photographers, this one is a must. And all of us who are not- I am sure there’s a dear friend who could really marvel your awesomeness once you gift them this beautiful and clever coffee mug.

Available on

7. Mind Boggling Soul Crushing Rubik’s Cube


Mastered the Rubik’s Cube already and looking for a bigger challenge? I’m sure this one will surely make you do a double take- multiple more squares to work with and hyper movements- this one will be a toughie.

Available at

8. Instant share and print camera


If you’re hooked to social media (who isn’t?) and specifically Instagram, this polaroid socialmatic camera is perfect for you. Click pics, upload, share and even print them for your real life followers.

Available on

9. Ultra Trendy, Planet friendly water bottles

If you’re a planet lover and love to be ‘cool’ about it, these collapsible bottles are an accessory you cannot leave home without. They help you carry your own water and also collapse to adjust to the level of water in the bottle. Available in plenty of vibrant colors, this is your punch in the face of pet mineral water bottles.

Available at

10. Your own Jetpack

We saved the best for last. No longer should you be finding yourself stuck in traffic or going on boring train rides to meet your loving aunt. With your own jetpack, just take off and get to wherever you need in speed and style! This one is not on Amazon but worth breaking the bank for, we promise.

Available at

Enjoyed this list ? Saw something cool that you’d love to add to this list? Please write in and let us know.:)





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